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Mobility Programs

Having new social and academic exposure at other institutions as part of your degree programme can academically and socially enrich your university experience, broaden perspectives and enhance your employment prospects. If you are a postgraduate student pursuing doctoral or master studies, we invite you to experience life at Universiti Utara Malaysia main campus at Sintok Kedah, and interact with our local and international students. In addition you have a chance to discover Kedah, the state in northwest Malaysia, bordering Thailand and encompassing the Langkawi archipelago.

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Procedures for International Students (not residing at any Malaysian universities)

? Pre-Departure ( Before enter to Malaysia)

The following documents are needed in order for this process to take place.

shutterstock 151074593 820x3001) A copy of Student Exchange Programme Application Form.
2) A copy of the Permission Letter from the Home University.
3) A copy of UUM's Letter of Offer.
4) A copy of the Passport (every pages) ? must be Certified by Malaysian Embassy/Notary Public in your country.
5) A copy of the MoU/MoA/Lol/LoA
6) A copy of Academic Transcript / Certificate
7) A copy of Curriculum Vitae
8) 4 Colour Pasport Size Photographs with blue background
9) The Programme Schedule/Time table
10) The Embassy Address and Place of Entry

Once the Immigration Department has issued a special document known as "Visa with References", the students can bring this VWR to the nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate to obtain a Single Entry Visa. Please bring along the following documents when applying for your single entry visa:

1) VWR Letter
2) UUM's letter of Offer
3) Your Passport

 ? Post Arrival (After Enter Into Malaysia)

Upon the arrival at UUM, students must complete all the registration requirements. After completing all the registration procedures, students are advised to come to U-Assist within the first week of their arrival in Malaysia. CIAC will advise the student on further actions to be taken to obtain a Professional Pass.
Please check carefully the period/duration given by the Immigration Department for student to get the Professional Pass in their passport. The Immigration Department will impose additional charges should the students fail to convert their pass within the stipulated period.

The following Documents are needed to obtain the professional pass
1) Two (2) Copies of Medical Check-up
2) Two (2) Copies of Insurance
3) Two (2) Copies of Students VWR Letter
4) Two (2) Copies Passport ( Front Page & Stamping from Immigration )
5) Payment for Visa according to duration of your programme.


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